Haas' high-end vertical machining center for high-performance processing, offers high spindle speeds and fast tool change, to produce large scale and shorter cycle times. Each SS machine has a direct drive spindle at 12000 rpm, an ultra-fast sidebar and high speed for all axes.

HAAS VF-9/40

Vertical machining center; 2134 x 1016 x 762 mm, 40 cones, 30 vector drive, 8100 rpm, direct drive, 24 + 1-side tool holder, 15.2 m/min speed, automatic chips, programmable cooling nozzle, 1 GB memory, 15" Color LCD monitor, USB port, Ethernet.




HAAS VF-6/40

Vertical machining center; Vector drive 64" x 32" x 30" (1626 x 813 x 762 mm), 40 cones, 30 HP (22.4 kW), 8100 rpm, inline direct drive, 30 + 1 side tool, 600 frames per minute 15,2 m/min) rapids, automatic chips, programmable cooling nozzle, color remote control, power detection module, 1GB memory, 15" color LCD monitor, USB port, tapping and 95 gallons (360 liters).




HAAS VM-6 Vertical machining center 64" x 32" x 30" (1626 x 813 x 762 mm) with 40 cones, 3 axes, up to 12,000 rpm, 24 + 1 tool, is a powerful machine that provides precision, firmness and thermal stability to achieve the desired workpieces, worthy of a high-precision industry. The VM-6 has a generous working cube, a multi-ring table and a direct drive spindle with 12,000 rpm. The standard features include a full-surface Haas Quick release control, a side shift tool changer, a programmable coolant nozzle and an automatic air gun.




The 40" x 26" x 25" (1016 x 660 x 635 mm) vertical machining center, as well as the entire HAAS VM series, is a high-performance machine ideal for manufacturing high-precision industrial workpieces. The machine has a large working cube, a multi-ring table and a direct drive spindle with 12,000 rpm and vector drive.

HAAS UMC-750 x 2

High quality vertical machining center with 5 axes; 30" x 20" x 20" (762 x 508 x 508 mm), with integrated turntable with 2 axes, 40 cones, 30 HP (22.4 kW), 8100 rpm, inline direct drive, 40 + 1 side tool change , 1200 lpm speed (30.5 m/min), spindle orientation, macros, rotation and scale coordinates, Wireless Intuitive Probing.




Drilling / milling machine; Vector drive of 20" x 16" x 15.5" (508 x 406 x 394 mm), 40 cones, 15 HP (11.2 kW) vector drive, speed 2400 ipm (61 m/min), speed 18 + 1 one side cover, a power detection module, 1 GB memory access program, 15" color LCD monitor, USB port, memory lock key, a fixed lid and a 55 gallon (208 l) water cooling system.





AS-200 "Nakamura-Tome AS - 200"

AS-200 featured powerful milling drive, high speed high accuracy C-Axis and 8,18 cm stroke Y-axis ensures production of finished parts, and the elimination of secondary operations, such as deburring, milling, drilling and re-positioning of fixtures.



 CNC Bridge

CNC-bridge design measuring machine capable for touch-trigger and scanning probes; for optical or
continuous and indexing probe systems
• Dynamic and high precision series with air bearings in all axis
• All granite guideways accurately hand-lapped
• Compact design. Operator workstation with integrated controller and computer
• CMM available in multiple sizes for the optimal selection of the required measurement volume